Monday, February 27, 2017

Trump's OK. News is Fake. Dreams, Visions, and Facts.

WARNING: What I am about to say is not for the faint of heart. The contents and links contained in this article are disturbing. In fact, it's a bunch of crazy shit I wrote so I could feel more sane with the crazy shit I have found on the interwebs so it's probably all a bunch of whatever... Spam info. If you are fragile or are used to taking information at face value, conspiracy theories are just really annoying and may probably hurt your brain. Now's the chance for you to run if you are not ready... As for me....? Here we go.

Well, I'm ready! Bring it!

If you do not believe that healing is worth learning about, whether or not you feel you need to "heal", and cannot comprehend that pursuing healing even when you feel just fine helps us to accomplish higher levels of health not previously known to us, this article may simply trigger you to respond violently to information that is in opposition with your understanding of reality.
I have to say, at the cost of being ostracized with a bunch of damning and condemning labels, I trust Trump. I feel that he has a good heart. I trust that he is not a bigot or misogynist but he is very honest, real, and unafraid of judgement, knowing psychology he is fully aware that people always judge and he knows most judgement is ignorant due to everyone being afraid of judgement and not knowing how to use it correctly.
He is being what I call "TRIGGER BLASTED BY SPIN DOCTORS SUFFERING FROM SELF RIGHTEOUS DELUSIONS, GOADED ON BY A GLOBALIST TECHNOCRACY PLOT FOR THE NWO WHICH IS ACTUALLY RELIANT ON THE BLOOD OF CHILDREN IN ORDER TO FEEL ALL POWERFUL ON EARTH!" ....It sounds crazy, right? Well, this world is full of crazy power and money hungry, blood thirsty bastards. It's no mystery to me.
Satanists sometimes, supposedly eat human meat. Thelemites totally eat a special kind of human blood and genetic materials but I can't say anything about the human meat part. This practice dates back before "Satan" to animism. I mainly call the cults that are engaging in this activity animists, but it most certainly has the Church of Satan involved [Keep reading for more thrilling Satanic goodies and surprises!].
I have had visions about Trump and have heard him speaking. He uses words in his vocabulary that exhibit knowledge of psychology.. I heard him in my dream speaking with a group of people walking closely with him... They seemed to be walking in a large hall together and I heard him emphatically use the phrase "They're projecting.". HELLO? I know it's "just a dream"... but I recognize that he does have an advanced vocabulary. He may make errors with speaking... he may have a different vocabulary and be used to communicating with construction workers, but he is a very real person.
Of course all kinds of people just want to hit him along with the police over the head with oversize plastic Dragoncon swords though. How appropriate!
I believe those "projecting" ones of whom he was speaking about are the groups of people who have colluded through means of unhealthy thinking that has resulted from repressing hatred and have been simply unable to take the responsibility to approach reality without rebellion (creative, angry, or otherwise).
While in Australia my partner and I began to uncover stories coming out of the UK about frightening ritualistic child molestation cases where a couple of children came forward to speak about what was done to them by prominent educational and community figures. The words from these children's mouths were horrifying.
This seemingly isolated story of children being pulled in by trusted community members to be regularly molested may not be as isolated as you think it is.... It is just a peek into a long, intricate, hidden and drawn out history ---the darkest dark world of human relations: the repulsive occult sexual and cannibalistic subjugation of children.
The stories about animist cult groups who are positioned in the inner circles of many elite groups entertaining interests in world government are too bizarre to ignore. The idea must be entertained in consideration of the fact that people with incredible wealth and influence, in positions of authority, including that which reaches world wide regarding the relaying of information can afford to be far above the law. In fact, invisible, as they are the controllers of the media. Furthermore, it must be considered that INTERPOL HQ (international police) have had a hand in the founding of the Church of Satan.

Slime and filth! Read all about it!
Black Magicians Rule the World! What are you going to do about it? Those who parade around in black robes in the name of Satan seem to either be completely demented and don't care about people finding out about their baby eating ways, or they're actually not quite as initiated as one can be, while people who appear quite "straight" on the outside are doing the dirtiest most horrible things a black lipstick smeared Marilyn Manson fan could ever imagine.
In order to maintain a strong container of lies, we need lots of people to be deranged from the due to being more galvanized by their irrationality (emotional tendencies), we need crazed maniacs enforcing it, causing havoc, completely unhinged, unable to control themselves, causing chaos so that the news media has exciting stories to back up the slander they direct at POTUS...
Well we most certainly have it and we don't even need Edward Bernays (The Nephew of Sigmund Freud) to come along and HACK DEMOCRACY again. He compromised it back in the 20s and now the breakdown has become fully apparent.
Many of us are now using victimhood and socio-political impropriety as a crutch, casting blame and making a sort of straw man of POTUS that represents a merging of all that is considered wrong, bad, and evil with government and business. Pointing at who we think is SICK, BAD, and WRONG, or having a PATHOLOGY is tricky business, as it is considered "VIOLENT COMMUNICATION", however we must sort out the false information from the true, the sick from the well, and the wheat from the chaff. Judgement must happen in order to find correctness. Politics cannot be used for correctness. It just does not work. Politics lose clarity and go black not long after being tampered with by greedy fingers. If it is not the flawlessly self evident law of universal nature, it is the forged, synthetic law of man.
I know for a fact that when people feel offended by your personality and you don't mind how offended they are by you because you are happy, they will call you "crazy and rude". After all, everyone else will always want you to be down on their level. I see no difference between that and what Trump is going through right now. He is an offense to the customary politically cultivated people, including the self-tailored (if you know what I mean). Trump has risen above the usual GOP's blood and bribe based "might is right" power network and is coming from a higher place and they are losing their minds with fear. A significant number (but not all!) Republicans and Democrats alike will be revealed soon enough as what they really are.
He is like a white horse trotting along a path that was claimed by snakes, who's only real recourse is to strike and hiss venomously at hoofs that can fatally crush them if they don't watch out.
Those who have sided with hatred and rage are not owning their own anger and irrational volatility with sober accountability. Those who are placing blame and casting dispersion are not being willing to transforming themselves to emotional health with lovingly critical honest self examination. Instead they are being willfully close-minded and selfish, while calling the forces, beings, and entities outside themselves that they can not possibly control the selfish ones. They accuse those who they themselves are not of having power over them. They unconsciously give away their power.
The tragedy in this is that so many human beings are now capable of being filled with hatred of a likeness which is being shown to them on the television and written about on the news. I see the gnashing of teeth, the barking and lunging, as they are being emotionally controlled and attacking as if to be trained attack dogs unleashed. The tragedy is that in all this snap and lash, they are failing to be observant and really witness what is happening to the government and the media. Such individuals are now losing out on opportunities to be filled with joy, gratitude, and have their faith in the good of the universe renewed as they become stronger, more powerful people. They are behaving as if they have lost all joy and happiness and are being deprived of reasons to be happy, once again by something outside themselves.
We are witnessing disempowered people attempting to take back the power that they never lost, as they continue to throw it at the opponent. Make them own it. Make them pay. Pay for what? Own what? What are they afraid of?
If we, as a collective, had been guided to not depend upon externals for our sense of happiness and self fulfillment, this would not be happening. Instead however, we have been guided to consume and spend in order to express ourselves, be loved, feel satisfaction, have pleasure, and enjoy life. We have been guided to be impulsive and impatient and act as children, rather than Mothers and Fathers. Many generations have become children having children, as we had never been guided to parent ourselves.

There is talk now that Trump is "projecting", that he talks about himself too much... etc., etc., always some kind of absurdist criticism that holds zero weight and means nothing. This is deeply ironic. The internet and television, along with print is full of ironically backward sentiment as far as I can see. Very few people have awareness of the phenomenon of projection and it is tragic, as possessing a sense of awareness that one may be projecting their own emotions, impressions, and opinions is a way to get to the ultimate truth. It is vital for us to stop relying upon our own projected strengths and weaknesses as a means to assess the people in our lives and world around us and own all imbalances. It is self inquiry that brings us into balance.

We are now facing an incredible opportunity to grow stronger, open our hearts, open our eyes, and take a closer look at what we are quite possibly witnessing: a war-like surreptitious globalist takeover by the global media network business, which has been orchestrated by mainstream media entities affiliated with the Murdoch family. If you don't know who that is, it is an Australia based prominent international family that have been media proprietors overseeing world networks.
The strange thing is that, well... Most of us believe a lot of the electronically reproduced material, especially if it is being repeated by other networks. even though it's very edited and there are obvious cuts in Trump's speech in many media outlets that do not reveal his true messages.
there appears to be a faulty fact checking mechanism at work in the general public, where data that is being reproduced by the familiar news networks is assumed to be true. On the other hand, information that is from a small uncredited source or is not being repeated is false.
So many people are sucking the illusions right up as it is justifying, fueling, and perpetuating an essential outrage that has suddenly given them a reason to get out of bed each day. People are beginning to thrive inversely on this outrage, rather than to calm down and take a look at themselves. What can come of this? Only time can tell.
Furthermore I am going to have to go against this article. We are in a wartime right now. It just has not been declared. The media's actions taken to accuse President JFK of treason and his suspicious assassination add up to a media that is NOT the USA's Friend. The Murdoch family, in my opinion should be stopped from managing the media. They have been launching information-based wars against any leaders of the US who really are promising great progress and empowerment of the US. Still not convinced?
Here's more evidence that Murdoch actually really had a real problem with Kennedy's ways... Rupert Murdoch's empire is still alive and active now and they actually hate trump, despite that Ivanka has been interacting with them. She may be have been working with them as an effort to maintain diplomacy or keep peace as the Trumps are well aware of the influence of the Murdochs.
I have been thinking a lot about guillotines ever sense I saw that Trump was running for president and I had no idea why at the time. Well, now if you look around there are rumors that they are being placed in FEMA camps right now. Go ahead and google it.
I have a feeling that the FEMA camps will include many members of congress, corrupt circuit courts, heads of education, and media. I do not think we need to worry about being persecuted based on something such as race, religion or country of origin.
I have had visions about the progress of humanity as a collective last time I happened to be in Australia in 2015. This vision revealed hordes of people moving together... I started to notice patterns, a nature in the movement and it progressed like this: people pushing and ordering one another around, forcing, manipulating, shaming, rushing, then fighting, resisting, and thrashing around until some people began to disappear. After this, everyone finally began to realize the pain they had committed to themselves... and "wake up" to a period of realizing that we are all a single unit (shaking heads, hands on face, followed by forgiveness, embrace, and then finally behaving as one, in a rhythmic beautifully seamless flow of service to one another.
The good forces of the universe will insure that the wicked, the twisted, the backwards and confused will be set straight one way or another. Furthermore I say this: Those who think they can employ the legions of the infernal realm, low spirits, and the inverse of goodness to fight him, may they see through the veil, may their delusional minds be blasted wide open by the light of truth so that they may receive revelations.

Friday, June 24, 2016


So many people drive hundreds of miles away from their own home, to work for someone else's business because they need to pay the person who owns the home they live in. The home they live in is sprayed with defoliant (plant-killing) poison, making the land surrounding the home ill suited to cultivate produce on.
We must NEVER allow backwards, cold, and mechanical corporate mentalities infect our heart. Do not follow suit with profit driven exclusivity. To follow your heart, you must first listen to it. 
All beings are indispensable. This is a lesson that even so-called intentional permaculture communities can stand to take on board to heal otherwise unhealthy attitudes!

Humanity has been structuring societies based upon the example of feudal lords governing serfdom-based activities of subjugation for far too long.   Now with industrial and capitalistic culture, no one needs to wear the fancier clothes and eat the meat to prove that they are the lords. Master-slave is the weft and warp woven into the fabric of society and this fabric must burn to ashes.

How can we end the exploitation of servitude when we fail to use our right of expression to speak out against it? Servitude has been seen as a weakness to take advantage of for long enough. 

Service based on noble love should be in all hearts, for the good of all beings.  This is true nobility.  
The feudalistic structuring of society and its associated activities is a hate crime.
All beings on planet Earth are connected in the family of life.
Business that poisons the environment is a hate crime.
There is always a better way to do things.
Spraying poison over cities and on home properties is a hate crime.
There are alternatives to chemical compounds that contribute to the devastation and break down of life.
Owning land and controlling other's right to live there is a hate crime.
Something different can be done.  For instance, check out this page on bartering for real estate!

NO ONE is disposable.
All beings are indispensable. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What is a Land Trust?

This past week, I had a lovely experience caring for a friend's pup at a land trust property. Before staying there I had no knowledge of what a land trust is. I was thrilled to discover that a land trust is precisely the scenario that fulfils what my vision of appropriate landlord roles, duties, and activities are! The particular land trust I was fortunate enough to experience was the Lake Claire Community Land Trust in Atlanta Georgia. I have come to learn that a land trust serves as an ideal model of maximizing the use of land in an ecologically supportive and holistically conscious fashion. 

The landlord of a land trust does not just sit around collecting rent, giving unwise, impulsive, and unexamined orders to maintenance men and gardeners. He actually addresses the land directly, applying horticultural intelligence to take loving care of the land. He tills the earth, manages the compost operations, plants fresh produce and local flora, and has assistants who work side-by-side with him to carry out duties of care. Is this not the way things should be? For far too long those who labour to care for the land have been looked down upon as a "peasant", a "commoner", or "lowly". After all, they are the ones getting their hands dirty, sweating away in the sun to grow the food we eat. Ironically, the diet of a peasant is primarily vegetarian, as opposed to the ancient sedentary royals' meat-rich diets which lead to their unglamorous convalescence into death via obesity, cancers, gout, and diabetes.

No so-called landlord should be pretending s/he is above others while having no knowledge of how to care for the earth.
No so-called landlord should be getting paid to order someone to play a role of a "serf' of sorts, forcing them to labour to take care of the land while these more knowledgeable hard workers are being paid less than the landlord as well as being ordered to do things that will result in land erosion, such as the removal of trees that were holding the top soil in place on hilly terrain. This is especially true in cases when the gardeners often know more about what should be done for a landscape (rather than to it) so that is thrives. Today in urban settings, a common land lord often only deals with properties that are all or mostly paved over, or they manage multiple properties at once, making attaining ecological consciousness regarding each swathe of land nearly impossible. A tenant can grow no food on most of such properties, as the land lord is commonly only concerned with cosmetic changes to the land that have nothing to do with preventing erosion or sustaining the eco system.

Often poison is ordered to be sprayed throughout the property, nullifying the potential of individual tenants taking the gardening into their own hands, and instead the landlord takes on the role of a jail warden of sorts, being sure that the tenants do not violate noise ordinances by attempting to throw social events at late hours, disturbing other tenants, preventing them from flying into a rage that they paid to live and sleep peacefully at night. The landlord concerns themselves with being sure that guests are not over staying the statute of limitations, and that repairs are being done---that is, if the tenants are lucky enough to have a considerate and thoughtful enough landlord in these respects. The same goes often for an independent house holder, as many are too interested in the instant gratification of grocery shopping and eating their groceries, to take the time to do their own gardening, so they also pay a gardener to come in and do the cosmetic work on their property, which often includes spraying poison.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Being a "Man" Means Using The Brain to Think?

According to this Huffington Post article.... Apparently if you are using your brain then you are a MAN!  How enlightening is that?  Finding meaning is what enjoying a fulfilling life is about, right?

Just about everything. 

Welcome Little Tornados ~ our new associate for the Dharma Alliance. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

"Glass Half Full" May Not Be The Right Attitude After All

HOLY SHIFT!!!! What if there was a way to view our unique birth-given "light-defects" (also known as karma or original sin) and see what we need to do to strengthen our own unique selves? What would you say?
If you are a hopelessly optimistic "glass half full" type, you do your best every day to be happy with having "just enough" and you may even label this as your "abundance". Is "Just enough" truly abundance if you can not give to charity to help children or the environment with no problem?  

if you are a "glass half full" type, you may say "I know I'm $%#*@ed up.don't want to know how %$&#ed up I am." This is only because it is easier to try to push others away, who are offering something for the cup. It seems easier to withdraw from an offer to fill your sacred chalice to abundance, as you are tired of others taking advantage of your kind trusting nature. "I've got this", you'll say without even thinking about taking a moment to carefully explore what an offer for fullness is even about.

Too many people with skills have been selfishly taking advantage of people with less skills for far too long. Well, what kind of skills is it really if the "skilled" one is selfish anyway?
If you are a glass half empty type, however... Perhaps there is true optimism in knowing where you really are at?  
In my psychology studies experience, this was called "Hitting rock bottom". Sober realism.
If you are not a DEPRESSIVE "glass half empty" type, but a realist, you may simply say "I KNOW I could use higher self contentment and greater self esteem! Show me now, you knucklehead!".

What if the holy grail was actually inside us all, but within that holy grail are obstructions known to only ourselves on a deep primal level as ("I gotta hide this negative stuff however I can...") our "abominations"?

What if I told you we can put the cup down, stop drinking, let it settle, and then let all of these qualities come to light?

A more meaningful life will be found through sober, loving, examination.

Astro Medicine community page
Yoga Magick website
Dharma Alliance

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Astrology can be used as an extention of Raja yoga, and impetus for us to all practice it, as raja yoga makes Buddhas. :) I will share with you some of my practical working knowledge about the psychic sheaths and how strengthening them can help us. Assessing karmic birth condition is like knowing what is in your cosmic cocktail. It is a fun process, but it can also a little sobering at times. Perhaps we will have amazing realisations from just reading the report, or perhaps we will become upset, feel cheated, hopeless, or be in just plain disbelief. Sometimes we can just laugh at it and it seems totally ridiculous. This can all happen.
It took me months to begin to accept that everything I had thought I was doing just fine in my life could have been done a lot better---In fact I realised that many things that I thought I needed to do, did not not even need to be done. Before I surrendered "my way", I was more angry than I was ready to admit, being rebellious was good because it "protected" me, I had always felt the need to draw, make art, or do something in order to feel sane, and I loved dressing up. These things, I thought were "my thing" and I had no realisation that they had been adapted as coping mechanisms.
Once I decided to start letting go and opening up, I was gradually relieved of pain, pressure, stress, and sorrow beyond my wildest imaginings. I went from emotionally unhealthy and rather delusional and disturbed, to realising my self. I had no idea how far off from understanding the way life is I really was. It was as if the world as I had once known it really did come to an end.
When I gathered the humility and silence to listen to someone who was more skilled then I was, rather than fight him, challenge him, and try to be on top, win, or be right, something miraculous happened. I let go of the phony traits, habitual falsetto voices, play-accents, music, and as much of the false attitude I adopted as I could. I eased at my own pace toward a space of sincerity, where I stopped leaning upon other things outside myself to feel better about the "star sickness" I did not want to know I had. I just knew something about myself was wrong, not good, I did not appreciate it and I was going to do what I could to hide these ugly defective qualities and feelings about myself. The abominations.... The affliction... I had no idea how much energy I was really wasting until I learned to let go!
Wadjet, Egyptian symbol of the hypnotically Psychedelic snake goddess, used in the Egyptian Astrology system.Transcendent being, a snake woman with wings. She forms the Eye of Horus and is associated with Bast as well. sacred guardian of the ruler. Learn about your Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese, and more star info. Get on the waiting list through ASTRO MEDICINE & Put in a request today and get ready to learn what it will take for you to stop out your Karma!
Well, as fate would have it, I was meant to realise just what was wrong with me. Oh boy did I realise. No mushroom, acid, peyote, or ayahuasca trip on earth can make you more solidly and clearly see these things than what I experienced. The only way to truly conquer this sense of "something wrong" is the decisive action to be better and meeting that right truthful and powerfully intuitive being who truly strives for clarity, rather than one who is bent on taking advantage of another's weaknesses.
Now 11 years later, I have grown very close in emotional/mental/psychological strength to that man who showed me the way of whole, complete, and unabashed truth. Yes, I have grown to compare quite wonderfully to the master who taught me how to change myself for the better. To trade in "my self" for the true self. If I am not in a state of perpetual bliss, any troubles or drama in my life do not give me real trouble, I have a great realisation instead.
Please understand I was only born this way! None of my journey makes me any better than you.
Sometimes we are put at an advantage that others may view as unfair. Believe me, no matter what anyone is "prophecised" to be or how wealthy anyone is born destined to become, life on earth is always up & down. There is turbulence and life is suffering.  
Two years later after my self realisation experience in 2004, I thought I had found the holy grail within myself that we all must quest for. Yes. I believe I did. We all have this holy grail. Over time I came to realise that we are not born seeing or knowing the location of the Holy grail within us which contains the holy spirit, as we all appear with a cup full of abominations. We are all born with the same mind-body-spirit complex structure. So, we all appear from with a "cup" in our "hand", with the holiness of it being obstructed by undesirable qualities ("abominations").  
My experience points me to a very strong intuitive impression that the answers to our "original sin" is in our astrology. Those weaknesses we were born with are our Astro-affliction.  We can unlock the keys to the heavenly realm of our higher mind and have our own intimate experience of "the good apocalypse", to be reborn in the true world where we live, act, love, and "dance" together in Good Grace. Ah, we can end the delusional state of "the world as we know it" and be reborn into the true world we were truly born into--The world as we explore it.  
Finding your unique need for "rebirthing rites" with Astrological Medicine is not simply something that happens instantly or over night. It is a continual process that must be applied with all seriousness and adopted in life. It becomes more and more possible to clear your karmic debt as you get the hang of it. Also it gets easier and more exciting, more beautiful, and you become more content with your self and blissful as time progresses. WARNING: It is very real and possible that you may find that you need to shift something dramatically in your life, find a way to peacefully break up with him/her, quietly "step away" from some of your friends, or even on occasion, change jobs.Each Astrological reading is an intensive process and takes a week to complete each individual's reading. Once you find out the nature of the karmic residue you are dealing with, I offer you techniques on how to shed the lower artificial/synthetic frequencies, remove karmic residue, strengthen your psychic sheaths and hold a higher light frequency in the vibration of truth.
This Girl Appears  NOV 3, 1980 W. Covina, California
This is a photograph of a very young Metal Monkey. 
A primal Cosmic Seed, born deep in the mysteries, and a little Sekhmet contemplating deeply upon the flower... "There MUST be more" is an primal inborn trait I have. Diving deep into the mysteries I have always been in deep thought.

born in the Week of Depth, naturally exuding magnitism and mystery with a hand full of Libras, and triple Scorpio means all three worlds of mystery (past, present, future)....My feelings and learning capacity simply grow toward infinity. Always examining is mystery.
My problem? Way too big for my britches and have been looking like an elitist brat because there's more to the inborn obsession of "it must mean something", there is "Must be something wrong." in it as well, so I have been able to let this "something wrong" has made me sick in many ways off and on here, when I relate it to the collective with love. 

As I grew up, I came to resist softness, sensitivity, (crying at movies was a big NO!) and, well basically anything that made me feel like I was being image-exploited to please the status quo, like dressed in the above type of cutesy little girl doll costume. I went the opposite way as soon as I could. Once I was not being taken to department stores to get clothes, I chose to wear black. Navy blue would never do. She made me wear a navy sailor's dress. It was black, black, black or nothing at all. Here we see a glimpse of how I developed a neurosis for image, fashion, look, etc. I always felt unusual. As soon as I learned about "goth" culture, that was it. That was me, or so I thought.

I recently read the following Huffington Post article: How to Talk to Little Girls looks... The only reason why I am mentioning is because it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps I lucked out? I heard well-rounded complements from adults from all angles, such as how intelligent I was, including how I looked or dressed, how "pretty" my name was, and how round my eyes are was a big one with our Asian friends as well.

I have always been looking for meaning in everything in my life and world around me.
Like a merciless muckraker, I feel like there has got to be some kind of "dirt" on everything. I think it is the primal leanings I have incarnated with, which is confirmed through my being born as a Mayan "Cosmic Seed". I know dirt is not simply a way to degrade something otherwise "clean". It is what seeds need for their growth. Do read on and you'll find how I have discovered this secret of all tantra just this and how I forged a life of peace and love for myself and everything I touch through it.

Sun in *Scorpio. Attracted to the mysteries, I have always delved deep into mythology, magic, and the supernatural ever since I was a child, going to the library alone to read about dragons, gryphons, and mermaids as if I was trying to connect to my old friends on facebook, reading old poems and folklore. I have always wanted to travel, see the world, experience more cultures... A ravenous sponge for deriving as much information, understanding, and abilities from the environment around me. Born very empathic (sensitive to the hearts & minds of others), and surrounded by depressing tragic events and behaviors beyond my control, I quickly found myself wearing lots of black, listening to sad, dark spooky music, and burying myself in subculture trappings as a means to feel secure. Just hiding under my little darkwave punk rock. Dark and cold. Just how I liked it. Well, as the rest of my astrological journey has predicted, I was destined to be squashed as a scorpion, relinquishing my nostalgia for an inherited symbol, to transform into an eagle and go through the whole destruction-renewal process, to subsequently.....
Moon is in *Libra, which is the place where I like things nice. I love harmony, for us to all get along, to dance, sing, be artistic and play. In fact I'm ridiculously creative. This also grants me some of this unusual capacity to let things that do not seem in balance with truth or justice to simply sink back into the subconscious for later revealing.
*Scorpio in Mercury makes me a chronic investigator and I totally get off from deep philosophical talk. Deep mind is totally the sexiest thing to me in the whole world and I am not afraid to show it. In fact, I have been know to share "TMI". I have also a hard time with not feeling like I am in control of the flow of data and get really bothered when people interrupt each other or me, and I also really dislike when I interrupt them too... often it seems keeps happening everywhere I go.
*Scorpio in Uranus inspires me to have a drive to dig for deep meaning and continually pursue symbolism, metaphor, and magic mysteries with a tireless passion to dive deep. I simply know I will find pearls eventually. If I have not found the meaning or answer, I will innovate, expand my resources and keep going until everything lines up, confirming truth, or is otherwise proven to be nonsense. I may even leave it in the back of my mind for a year or three until it resolves. I do as a matter of fact also seek out and explore new methods of healing as well as different ways to deal with deep-seated emotional problems (hence this Astro Medicine offering).
*Libra in Venus: once again, I love beautiful art and music, I love balance, and I love when everyone gets along harmoniously, but if everyone does not get along, being alone is really just fine. *Mars in Sagittarius: when it comes to moral issues I am motivated to goodness. Not just the bible or society's idea of goodness. Real kick-ass goodness that can not be touched by any one else's opinion. As long as I know I'm good, people can throw slings and arrows all day. This is also why I have decided in this life to be a Yogi.  
*Jupiter in Libra: Although I am great at judging issues and balancing opinions, I have had a hard time making decisions most of my life, but now that I have developed more and I feel like my time is growing shorter, I have grown more driven and decisive. As we age and get wrinkles on our face, these wrinkles naturally begin to smooth themselves out too, if we've not managed to consciously work on them, that is. Relationships have helped me for a long time to make decisions and sometimes those decisions were not always the best. I still do value relationships however and see them as a great teaching tool, no matter how "toxic" they seem. I agree with getting out of the toxic relationship, but also with taking something good from it. 
*Saturn in Libra: Taking a long time to make decisions, methodical and believing in only the highest authority, and also loving everyone. I am committed to my relationships, friend, professional, or intimate partner. I do truly love everyone no matter how the relationship has gone, whether we stay in a relationship or separate. I am capable of loving an individual for the valued child that they are, just as I fully love all other creatures. The love just becomes like a warm blanket, rather than a hot manifesting-oven. *Neptune in Sagittarius: I plumb the world's resources, all cultures, other languages, ancient practices, and pre-existing examples of righteous society, construction, engineering, and thought to find the best solutions, as I strongly desire to refine a vision for the future world where we are all one global family, realising, loving, living, working, and playing together.
Pluto is in Libra: I am relationship-wary, initiation-wary, commitment-wary, "who is this new person"-wary "why do they want to help me?" "Are they going to try to do something negative to me?" I can make myself crazy with apprehension, being overly cautious... Now I see this is how others (especially Westerners) are receiving me. In more Buddhist and Hindu climates I am admired and joyfully questioned, not attacked in a spirit of contest.
Finally, My Northern Node is in Leo: I am a leader-soul. I am a group and community organizer, however, if I do not insist to you how much I appreciate YOU dear reader, and everyone else in my community (for without community, where would a leader be?... simply alone). I will do my best to help you not see me as overbearing, a snob, or carrying some kind of superiority complex. I do simply love you all and want the best, even if I am not yet a perfected being, I do hope you all forgive me, as I forgive and love you.
Now, that being said.... I will tell you the current throes of my Astro-affliction, my star illness, as we are all fools if we assume for our own physician to be in perfect health! I see the apprehension and rebellious chi in those who I am in contact with and I know we all need each other to heal. We can not simply sit alone and "figure it out" for ourselves. We can all heal together by investing a little trust, opening up, and trying. For your sake, please be like a scientist in a lab; do not feel like a test animal. The scientific approach is OPEN-MINDED SKEPTICISM. Question until you find proof. No one is truly "independent" in this world. Even the super-wealthy had to rely upon someone else less wealthy to build the private Jet they fly where ever they please. Still, that super-wealthy individual also must follow the rules of each country they land in.

Blessed Be to Thyne and Thee! xo

Katherine Danielle Russ Yogamayi

Friday, September 25, 2015

Break the Spell

 The below image was created for public observation. It not a theory.  It is true.  This conclusion was carefully formed after over 10 years of social, psychological, commercial, and global cultural study.   There is a 1% we have failed to address.  That small percentage can grow literally over night through the love of truth and a little self control.  We just need to know the correct ways to put our foot down and halt a few tempting habits.

Now is the time to shift, but this is how we must do it, DECISIVELY, together as a global family unit.  By transcending any other feelings that are not constructive with LOVE. Not sexual feelings. True love.

The realisation of one's own ignorance is a wonderful thing.  Sure, it stings, but it shows you where you are... try to remember your realisation of error and do not do that again.  Simple.

 If you are waiting for Christ, you are waiting for someone to be your shepherd and lead you to the light of truth.  Not to be confused with simply the truth that we all die.   Minds akin to ours do precisely what "the anointed" does anyway.  That is, lead anyone who wants to find truth to truth and demonstrate how we can  walk on water.  Truth is the only way.  I am not talking about a lie wrapped in a label of truth.  We can all hold levels of light proportionate to our ability to clear ourselves of distortions.

Psycho-spiritual alchemy is the best alchemy, because even gold tarnishes, money you get from selling it goes away, but you will always be imbued with truth once you find it.  It is the truth of being incorrect that is the lead and the truth of correction that makes gold.

Yes, we can break the spell together by redeeming our esteem.
And this can only happen through the Love of Truth.
We must always love truth, no matter how it stings.

Do not wait for a single human being to save you.
God helps those who help themselves and it will always be this way.