So many people drive hundreds of miles away from their own home, to work for someone else's business because they need to pay the person who owns the home they live in. The home they live in is sprayed with defoliant (plant-killing) poison, making the land surrounding the home ill suited to cultivate produce on. We must NEVER allow backwards, cold, and mechanical corporate mentalities infect our heart. Do not follow suit with profit driven exclusivity. To follow your heart, you must first listen to it.  All beings are indispensable. This is a lesson that even so-called intentional permaculture communities can stand to take on board to heal otherwise unhealthy attitudes!

Humanity has been structuring societies based upon the example of feudal lords governing serfdom-based activities of subjugation for far too long.   Now with industrial and capitalistic culture, no one needs to wear the fancier clothes and eat the meat to prove that they are the lords. Master-slave is the weft…

What is a Land Trust?

This past week, I had a lovely experience caring for a friend's pup at a land trust property. Before staying there I had no knowledge of what a land trust is. I was thrilled to discover that a land trust is precisely the scenario that fulfils what my vision of appropriate landlord roles, duties, and activities are! The particular land trust I was fortunate enough to experience was the Lake Claire Community Land Trust in Atlanta Georgia. I have come to learn that a land trust serves as an ideal model of maximizing the use of land in an ecologically supportive and holistically conscious fashion. 
The landlord of a land trust does not just sit around collecting rent, giving unwise, impulsive, and unexamined orders to maintenance men and gardeners. He actually addresses the land directly, applying horticultural intelligence to take loving care of the land. He tills the earth, manages the compost operations, plants fresh produce and local flora, and has assistants who work side-by…

Being a "Man" Means Using The Brain to Think?

According to this Huffington Post article.... Apparently if you are using your brain then you are a MAN!  How enlightening is that?  Finding meaning is what enjoying a fulfilling life is about, right?

Welcome Little Tornados ~ our new associate for the Dharma Alliance. 

"Glass Half Full" May Not Be The Right Attitude After All

HOLY SHIFT!!!! What if there was a way to view our unique birth-given "light-defects" (also known as karma or original sin) and see what we need to do to strengthen our own unique selves? What would you say?
If you are a hopelessly optimistic "glass half full" type, you do your best every day to be happy with having "just enough" and you may even label this as your "abundance". Is "Just enough" truly abundance if you can not give to charity to help children or the environment with no problem?  
if you are a "glass half full" type, you may say "I know I'm $%#*@ed up.don't want to know how %$&#ed up I am." This is only because it is easier to try to push others away, who are offering something for the cup. It seems easier to withdraw from an offer to fill your sacred chalice to abundance, as you are tired of others taking advantage of your kind trusting nature. "I've got this", you'll…


Astrology can be used as an extention of Raja yoga, and impetus for us to all practice it, as raja yoga makes Buddhas. :) I will share with you some of my practical working knowledge about the psychic sheaths and how strengthening them can help us. Assessing karmic birth condition is like knowing what is in your cosmic cocktail. It is a fun process, but it can also a little sobering at times. Perhaps we will have amazing realisations from just reading the report, or perhaps we will become upset, feel cheated, hopeless, or be in just plain disbelief. Sometimes we can just laugh at it and it seems totally ridiculous. This can all happen. It took me months to begin to accept that everything I had thought I was doing just fine in my life could have been done a lot better---In fact I realised that many things that I thought I needed to do, did not not even need to be done. Before I surrendered "my way", I was more angry than I was ready to admit, being rebellious was good b…

Break the Spell

The below image was created for public observation. It not a theory.  It is true.  This conclusion was carefully formed after over 10 years of social, psychological, commercial, and global cultural study.   There is a 1% we have failed to address.  That small percentage can grow literally over night through the love of truth and a little self control.  We just need to know the correct ways to put our foot down and halt a few tempting habits.

Now is the time to shift, but this is how we must do it, DECISIVELY, together as a global family unit.  By transcending any other feelings that are not constructive with LOVE. Not sexual feelings. True love.

The realisation of one's own ignorance is a wonderful thing.  Sure, it stings, but it shows you where you are... try to remember your realisation of error and do not do that again.  Simple.

 If you are waiting for Christ, you are waiting for someone to be your shepherd and lead you to the light of truth.  Not to be confused with simply …

Big Lesson on Spirit Realm & Giving to God

Just in time for the approach of Samhein, Halloween, and the Day of the dead.... Here comes a DOOZY about the spirit realm, complete with dark scary ghost stories!
Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and prepare to be thrilled, chilled, entertained, and potentially a little more sensitive to your connection to and position in the universe around you.....

I just returned to the United states from a month in Bali, in the magical spiritual village of Balian! Well, all of bali is quite magical and spiritual, but Balian is the place of the mystics and magical healers. Have you ever wondered how so many Eastern cultures all over the world who live in "poor developing countries" are able to remain so selfless, loving, happy, and caring toward others?  
How can people who live in conditions that many westerners revile as dirtier and beneath the quality of our standards be so happy go lucky? When we might feel like we are caught in a panic, struggling in a desperate situation due to …